Monday, January 23, 2012

The Intercorstal: Witches

"Pleasure Dancing"

Following on from my earlier post, which was about 'The Intercorstal' in general, I thought I'd share one of the standalone comics I've produced as part of the project.

During 2011 I started to experiment with new ways of producing pages for The Intercorstal, which led to applying packing stickers to found materials and using the outlines of the shapes that showed through to inform the direction of my pen marks. My wife and I were sent a set of promotional postcards by P&O Cruise company, and they seemed perfect. Over a period of about a month I created 8 pages from those postacrds -- I've posted a selection of them here. I then had 'art roadie' Daryl Morris create a PDF of them and handed copies out at events, and sent some off through the mail.

"The Blue Peter"
In much the same way that there's an argument as to whether The Intercorstal is 'abstract', I find myself asking whther these pages are 'comic pages'. They tell a narrative, and parts of a narrative, and the boundaries of the stickers create the panels, but because the images in those panels connect together the pages also stand as single images. I think I'm most happy thinking of them as splash pages -- each one announcing a new narrative path, or a defining piece of action. Would be intersted to see what you all think?
"The Rat King"

"And His Angry Ghost"

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