Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Intercorstal Pages 47, 48 and 49

A few of you may remember my project The Intercorstal from a little while ago (terrifyingly, I think it was years, rather than months...). Work has continued apace on it -- the last news featured on this blog about it was when I was celebrating reaching the end of the first third of my arbitrary 96-page target by producing a free-to-all 32-page comic.

Since then, the project's been through a few twists and turns. Since that first comic, I've produced another four, each one moving further and further from the style of comic I'm presenting here. I'll go into more detail on each of those in a later post, but hopefully if I tell you that the latest Intercorstal comic was a site-specific collaborative comic using photographs of a barber shop and some postage stickers, you'll get some idea of how far I've drifted from these 'traditional Intercorstal' pages.

My focus for the project for the moment is to return to the original Intercorstal style pages, and the three pages I've posted here are a result of that. As I complete more of them, I'll post them here, hopefully in groups of images that work together.

If anyone's keen to have a look at the pages I've completed so far, along with some details of the stand-alone Intercorstal comics I've done, they can be seen at The Intercorstal Blog.

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  1. Whether it's these traditional black & white pages or the newer color photo stuff, I always love what you're experimenting with. Keep up the great work.


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