Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chinese dreamstones arranged in panels

this item is listed here:

a pity about the poor quality photo.

dreamstones are pieces of polished marble which resemble Chinese landscape paintings. they are part of the Chinese literati tradition, along with scholars' rocks, furniture made of gnarly tree roots & calligraphy materials (inkstone, ink stick, brush & paper, as well as ornamental brush stands).

I'm not sure how common this kind of assemblage of many dreamstones is.

to me, it feels close to the more calligraphic abcomx, such as Andrei's & Draw's.


  1. Brusch & troy make nice calligraphic looking comics, too. Pierre Alechinsky probably did, as well.

    I'd love to see some Chinese manhua or Korean manhwa with abstract brushwork or inky shapes in them. does anyone know of such a thing?

  2. tim,

    thanx for posting this!

    i've been thinking alot
    recently about "off the page"
    & this is a perfect example.

    the fact that the content is
    a naturally occuring narrative
    is of major interest, not only
    illustrating time, but embodying
    time, a kind of dreamtime, set upon
    contemplation, as well as presenting
    a haptic aspect, i want to reach out
    & rub the dreamstones.

    as an abstract comic, i think it works
    very well & thanks for posting some
    of the pieces that tend to push the
    boundaries even further out...

    ...sorry i can be no help about the
    manhua or manhwa, sounds interesting.


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