Friday, June 5, 2009

visual poetry with some comics genes

here's page 265 from Nico Vassilakis's book protracted type, which you can download freely from

only pages 265 to 268 are in this style. the rest of the book contains many other styles of visual poetry, & short texts which explain Nico's purpose.

unlike most of you abstract comicsists, I know little about the history of comics, but do know some of the points of intersection between comics & experimental poetry.


  1. That is a neat book. I think you could also easily classify the faces/masks of pages 242-245 as comics and even the juxtaposed photos that feature throughout the book (somewhat similar to Charles Burns' One Eye). A case could really be made for most concrete/visual poetry being comics.

  2. good move Tim!

    yes, Nico's work is expansive in the sense of border blurring & exists as a mesmerizing locus of focal stoppage, that moment of staring, to stop and look, almost like a psychedelic experience in some aspects, in that the viewer in prompted toward a timeless rabbit hole wherein everything which seems so familiar becomes so strange & like a magic lantern, the flicker generates a movement flowing freely from eyes to brain & his attention to microscopic detail actually enlarges the overall macroscopic frame, sometimes tearing it off the hinge in that a readers/viewers reality-grid is thrown into an intermediary zone between being and existence, an out-of-body experience if you will, a bewildering of the senses which widen a range of ratio aspect.

    some of his work could directly be called abstract comics, things like:

    this sequence


    this sequence

    & his videopoetry is affecting as well,

    see here

    ...of special interest & note, Nico is actually the warehouse manager for Fantagraphics!

    is that way cool or what?

    Nico @ Fantagraphics


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