Thursday, June 18, 2009

Each Footlocker Contains:


  1. That's great. May I ask what the sources are for this and for your previous post?

    Also--I'd love to see how it would look laid out on a page. But for that it would work better with 6 panels instead of five...

  2. this one was from
    Fightin' Marines #134 1977, Charlton

    the other was more bricolage (which reminds me, i need to think up a funny ignatz bricoleur gag)
    it was
    Walter Lantz New Funnies #154 1949, Dell
    the Shadow #16 1988, DC
    Roger Rabbit's Toontown #1, Disney

    yes, i agree with you they'd look
    better laid out onna page, i may
    try to do something along those lines,
    make a mini, color xeroxes are fairly
    cheap now & i think the color makes it
    interesting, i consider this to be kind
    of a reuptake on Lichtenstein, reclaiming
    a more pure appropriation essentially
    in the same format as the original,
    abstractions are everywhere,
    especially on the microscopic level...


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