Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some horn-tooting (if I may)

I mentioned in my earlier post my book Nautilus that is debuting at MoCCA:

The red strip with the title is actually a band around the hardcover. On the back of the band are these two blurbs:

"Andrei Molotiu's comics are absolute marvels: hotbeds of evolving ambiguity where one never knows what disturbing or witty interaction between abstraction of objects and objects of abstraction is about to take place. Each time I've opened them I've been utterly absorbed, that is, drawn into places where I had no power other than to become what I was looking at. What he does is superb."
--Harry Mathews

"I love artists that break the rules and Andrei Molotiu breaks them all, with mind-bending and beautiful results."
--Scott McCloud

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