Monday, June 15, 2009

john wayne (courtesy jt)

and and and (finally)


  1. Ok, now somebody was supposed to say something like "huh?" and I would have answered by posting the following link:

    Get your act together, people!

  2. haha, that video made
    me giggle, oddly enjoyable
    inna shameful way, wow 1982.

    i like the john wayne sequences,
    they remind me of something i've
    been doing lately, television screen

    i like the glitch of bad cellphone
    cameras etc.


    & Blaise, you mentioned Black Pus,
    i love that soundz,
    it really is worth it to get the
    silkscreened cd's from
    Armageddon shop,
    they are things of beauty!

  3. Shameful? Why shameful? The song is great. I love Haysi Fantayzee. Here's a (British) hillbilly-ish cover of it:

    And here's another of their videos--

    Watch for the abstracty portion of the background montage at 1:50 to 2:09--which reminds me of one of your posts, actually--and, well, for Kate Garner's abs throughout.

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  5. oh that's cool, i like the montages,
    a few look like zipatone, like the dry
    transfer page itself, one of my fave
    little gagpanels is Joost Swarte's
    " i brake for zipatone"

    i dunno, i ain't never been good
    at irony i guess, i mean it's catchy
    but it's like Culture Club, the girl
    even looks like Boy George.

    maybe it's youthful associations,
    because the band seems to be a
    majorlabel marketing ploy or
    something, shiny shiny sounds
    like a cartoon theme song,
    i dunno... i'm more of a
    Sigue Sigue Sputnik kinda guy
    ; )

    ...i did find this old Adam & the Ants
    video, i like it because he sings about
    xerox machines & copyrights...
    Adam & the Ants :zerox



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