Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early press on the preview copies of the anthology that were on display at MoCCA

Matthew Brady: "that book... looks incredible"

Yakov Hadash: "I saw breathtaking preview copies of Asterios Polyp and Abstract Comics, Wow, amazing stuff."

Madinkbeard: "The whole book looks fabulous and Jacob Covey did a beautiful job with the design. This book is going to get some attention, I think." Well, ok, this one really shouldn't count because Derik is in it. But he also adds: "Even if I weren’t in it, I’d be excited about it." So there.


Breaking News--one more:

Jog: "I ran into Andrei Molotiu, editor of Fantagraphics' upcoming Abstract Comics: The Anthology, one of the books I'm most anticipating at the moment. A preview copy was available for perusal; it's a lovely book to hold and flip through, full of varied contributions from major 'names' -- Robert Crumb, Gary Panter, Moebius, Lewis Trondheim, Patrick McDonnell, James Kochalka -- and new faces alike (not to mention comics bloggers Derik Badman & Noah Berlatsky). Andrei was very excited about the project, and for good reason." (Under no. XII)

(Unfortunately, I should point out there's no Moebius in there, that was just something that was a possibility early on but did not go further than that--though somehow it crept into early publicity material, and the rumor lives on on the internet.)


If you find more, please post the link in comments, and I'll add it to the body of this post. Or if you did see the preview copy at MoCCA, let me know what you thought!


  1. Hi Andrei, thanks for noticing what I said. I only flipped through the book quickly, but it definitely caught my attention. I had been somewhat skeptical about it, wondering how interesting a whole book of abstract comics would be (I had seen examples here and there online and found them interesting, but a small dose is different than a few hundred pages), but I gotta say, seeing the book turned me around on it. I'm very interested in giving it a closer look when it comes out.

  2. FWIW, the Amazon product descirption for the book says "It gathers the best abstract comics so far, including early experiments by Gary Panter, Moebius,..." so that's probably the main source of the persisting rumor.


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