Monday, June 1, 2009

MoCCA and art show reception

If you're in the NYC area, please come to the closing reception for my show, "24 x 24: A Vague Epic," at ArtLexis Gallery in Brooklyn, this Thursday:

The reception will also serve as a book party of sorts for my brand new book, "Nautilus":

Anthology contributor and fellow ArtLexis artist, Henrik Rehr, will also be on hand with his brand new book "Rejkjavik" (published by Fahrenheit Editions, Copenhagen, as a twin to "Nautilus"). So it'll be a book part of sorts for his book too!!

If you come to MoCCA on Saturday or Sunday, "Nautilus" and "Rejkjavik" (each hardcover, 12.5" X 8", 48 pages) will be available at the Fahrenheit table.

Also at MoCCA, if you stop by the Fanta table, you can see preview copies of:

Also, PODGallery/Blurred Books is putting out a portfolio of my prints, and I [i]think[/i] they'll have a preview copy of it with them. Here is a view of some of the prints as currently on exhibit at ArtLexis:

And, if you're at MoCCA, stop and say hi! I will be at one of those three tables, or else they'll be able to tell you when I'm coming back...


  1. Man Andrei, you are BUSY! Great! I like the looks of your show and ArtLexis looks exciting too. Is it new? How can I orde your book?

  2. Hey Mark--Thanks! Once I actually figure out how my book can be ordered, I'll be sure to post info here, don't worry. I haven't even seen a copy yet, they're hot off the press just in time for MoCCA. ArtLexis IS a new gallery, and they also publish Blurred Vision, the art/comics anthology. Where your work would fit in really well, hint hint hint...


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