Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Panorama

Here is a link to two slow-pan panorma things of a show I did a few years ago of "mostly abstract comics" art in Mogelsberg St. Gallen Switzerland in Ernesto Müller's gallery.


  1. yowza!

    that looks like it was a cool show!

    crazy stuff.

    my only complaint is that it seemed too "neat" & "organized", but that's just me, i prefer a messy aesthetic of overload shutdown shit strewn allover the floor & weird hippies smokin' hash in the corner & some doomsludge band plaing on loud amps & skaters rollin' around etc etc

    i dig the hi-tech'd 360° viewaround, the show actually looked really eyesum.

    how was it critically received?

    i've been reading old issues of Kunstforum International lately & i think perhaps it's the most indepth artmag on the planet & have massive review sections.

    i'm curious because i'm still wondering how & if most Americans will be receptive to abstract comics...i think most Europeans are more open to the formal boundary pushing because it seems many more Europeans have a higher exposure to comics which could be considered "conceptual" to a degree...

    ...actually, i'll shut up now.


  2. Thanks TroyLloyd! It went over wonderfully --- but i agree with your desire for a "messier" approach --- I usually DO do that, and usually have a huge walk-in installation comic (as you probably know from the anthology and other posts). This gallery wanted to try and do a "straight ahead" almost show. I let them, except fro the "kiosk" corner. I think it was fine, but not a thrilling as when they "let me loose"!


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