Monday, August 31, 2009

Abstraction in Comics: a week-long series

"Winnie Winkle" from Monday, July 6, 1959, by Martin Branner. Previously Winnie and her friend Janie met Hector the beatnik at the Espresso House cafe. Here are the previous three strips, to set the scene:

And now for today's feature presentation. Take it away, Martin:

To be continued...

(Reproduced from the original art. The glue used to paste the dot screens has turned brown, as you can see in panel 1. I'm considering making that last panel a permanent fixture at the top of this page. No, really. Really! Ok, maybe not. But it would be funny, right? Or maybe the third panel would be even better... And don't you think these would have been perfect material for Roy Lichtenstein?)

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  1. those are great, esp. in single frames, makes them very visible. details read as a subtext - brown glue stains included.


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