Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brandl: Batman Abstract? No, but Thor and Captain Bold

As Andrei pointed out, one of the nifftiest comments about "our" anthology has been Deadpool who said, "Can you imagine batman done in that kind of drawing style, I think it owuld be freaking awesome." Thanks million Deady!

Some one of us will have to work on that! I haven't done Batman yet, But I did do a large, two panel oil and acrylic painting (105 x 210 cm / 41 in x 833 in) back in 2001, which was based on a part of the drawing of Thor's bicep by Kirby, right, with a similar bicep drawn by my highly-Kirby-influenced comic artist friend Gary Scoles --- when he and I were only about 11 years old, and of his character (which I also drew), Captain Bold. That is on the left. It is overlayed with two snippets of handwriting, "s" and "p," from a friend in Switzerland who is a novelist, from the German word "Spezial." I wasn't fully into complete sequentiality then, but it was creeping up on me! It was exhibited in a show of mine in Paris (France, the real one), which I did with the experimental New Music composer Duncan Youngerman. He did a great concert in the space of a piece he did inspired by comic artists of the Silver Age.
Oh yeah --- it's titled Team-Up for obvious reasons

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