Monday, August 3, 2009

That's nice, I guess...


Abstract Comics Anthology HC

Fantagraphics' newest anthology is a collection of, well, read the title. I saw the book at MoCCA, and
it looked pretty nice, which was actually contrary to my expectations. It's definitely more of an art piece, but you can't really expect anything else, I guess. Still, it's fascinating to see what you can do with comics when you're dealing with non-representational, non-narrative imagery, stretching the limits of the medium. Give it a look, artsy-fartsy types! You can download an excerpt at Fanta's site.

Abstract Comics: surpassing expectations since 2009!

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  1. A little luke-warm, but not bad. I suppose his initial fear was a perfect example of that syndrom I call "The Great Comic-Book-World Fear of Words that Sound Like They Might Entail Fine Art."


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