Saturday, August 1, 2009

We belong to the future!

New review at The Walrus, "Canada's Best Magazine."

The review begins: "Imagine a book publisher had released a retrospective on “The Graphic Novel” in 1976, or that a cinema hosted a look back at France’s nouvelle vague in 1957, or that a gallery exhibit somewhere spotlighted American Abstract Expressionism in, say, 1946. The experience would have been not unlike reading Abstract Comics: The Anthology today." I'm not sure the reviewer means this as 100% a compliment (actually, it's clear he doesn't--not 100%, that is), but I certainly choose to take it as one... Are you kidding? I would have loved to do a survey of Abstract Expressionism in 1946!

1 comment:

  1. good review!

    i'm esp. fond of hearing
    things like 'volume 2 !'
    already being discussed,
    as just yet, impact has
    only now began, via blog,
    but from book, more to come
    & the party
    is just
    gettin' started!


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