Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My favorite comment so far

From here:

You know, it kinda would be.


  1. Have you ever heard "Mr. Bach Meets Batman" by The Explorer?

  2. I hadn't, but I just did, here:


    Kinda cool, but when I first read the title I imagined something even cooler--like a Bach chorale prelude on the Batman theme. Here they're largely juxtaposed but don't really mesh...

  3. Yeah, I like the idea more than the execution, although I still get a laugh out of it.

    As I remember, it was same kind of thing with the John Zorn version (but without the humor.)

    There really should be a great musical exploration of the Batman theme song out there somewhere. Anybody know of any others?

    If not, maybe I'll make a proposal to Funyeti.

  4. http://www.discretefunk.com/2009/06/sterling-smith-david-mazzucchelli.html

  5. There you go, Jason. I think you'd better post it on the Walrus site.


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