Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Both of these were inked on the plane (yes, I got some strange looks from other passengers and flight attendants) coming back from the MoCCA Fest in New York to Portland, Oregon and then colored this week.

This one is probably more *graphomania than comic:

For this next one, I was thinking more of a narrative - a folk tale about traveling to another land, fighting in a battle and coming back home drunk (I only had one beer on the flight back but I was pretty fried from the whole trip.)
Of this battle, I only remember this:

Thanks for lookin' and readin', folks!

*I'm working up a post about "graphomania".


  1. Hey, what happened to "complicells"? I'm getting (virtual) whiplash here.

    Speaking of graphomania, I like the term that was used to describe 18th c. French artist Gabriel de St. Aubin: someone said he had "priapism of drawing."

  2. Speaking of whiplash, if you scroll up and down really fast with the first comic, it does some interesting animation.

    I made a lot of abstract animations when I was in film school - some deliberately drawn frame after frame and some like this comic, more spontaneous, just to see what would happen when animated. I got a lot of ideas that way, to use for more representational sequences.

    So you know, if you're bored - put on some dance music, scroll the comic up and down - you got yourself a little abstract dance party...

    It's probably 'work-safe' too but don't blame me if you get in trouble for it!

  3. I like that second one. It reminds me of "the hobbit", (a book I started to read and gave up on).

  4. Thanks David! (I just noticed your comment now.) I had the same experience reading The Hobbit last year but maybe it was just because I knew how it ended. Anyway, it's a good thing my comic is only one page!

    btw, everything I've seen from your Carter Family book looks great! I listened to a lot of 20s-50s country music back when I used to play guitar and sing in folk clubs. It's too bad I'm not in touch with any of the old-timers that used to play in those places. They'd be great for your research.


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