Saturday, June 13, 2009

Growing Diaspora Round-Up: Kreuter, Stafford, DeMuro, Harker

New discoveries (well, new to me, anyway) in the realm of abstract comics! We have a veritable smorgasbord today:

Back in October of last year, Chris Kreuter published Stray Thoughts, "a 12 page comic book that utilizes the comic book format as a vehicle for abstract art." Here are a couple of sample pages:

Tyler Stafford writes (back on May 7): "I've kind of been doing a lot of abstract comics lately." Here's one example of two posted on his site--I'd love to see more:

Paul DeMuro has actually been painting abstractions on old comics, apparently maintaining their original gutters:

And, last but not least, Ian Harker's latest comic ends with an entirely abstract page:

(And, no, I have no idea who Knut Mjølnirsen is either.)

May I just say that things are getting really exciting out there?

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  1. oh shit mang,

    thanx for posting the Paul DeMuro stuff, it spark'd off an idea, i like how he used an actual comicbook, pretty damn swift, but it made me think of doing altered comic books, in the manner of Tom Phillips " A Humument " , but instead of word clouds do image, erasure & addition but keeping the gutters with original layout, that would be a fun exercise...

    ...also, that Ian Harker page is eyesum!


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