Friday, October 2, 2009

24 Hour ABSTRACT Comic Day?

Tomorrow's 24 Hour Comic Day. Might be a good time for people to give abstract comics a try. Think of all the time you'll save in not writing dialogue... not lettering... not thinking up silly stories that fill up 24 pages but don't really go anywhere... You can just draw draw draw and see what comes out.


  1. I started "Alcoholalia" in 2004 as a 24-hour comic (and I didn't even have to draw it, all I had to do was remix it--admittedly, in Microsoft Paint, that's all I had at the time!). I only got five pages done that day. I felt I was creating the very logic of how it was supposed to work from scratch, and that takes a real mental toll... I find struggling with the intellectual problem of an abstract comic to be much more time and energy-draining than having to write dialogue or draw figures... Maybe now, that I've figured out better how it's supposed to work, I could do it more easily, but now I also have two little kids, and it's impossible--and I have no desire--to take a whole Saturday away from them to devote to this. But maybe I'll try to shut off my mind tomorrow night after they have gone to bed and just draw, and maybe come up with a 4-hour comic.

    In any case, may I suggest that anyone who does this--24 hour, or 4-hour, or whatever, as long as it's done within the framework of 24-hour comic day, then post it here on Sunday?

  2. Pszren--

    I'll post yours here, and anyone else's who sends it to me, even if you're not one of the contributors--as long as it really is abstract comics, and as long as it really was done on 24 hour comic day. Please send it to me as links to your jpegs, not as attachments.

  3. Also, jpegs should be no more than 600 x 800 px, in either orientation, or else I can't post them here.

  4. On second thought, we will probably not be able to post all pieces here in their entirety. So please post your comic online, then send me the link; I will post the first couple of images here on the blog, and a link for the continuation of the piece.


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