Monday, May 24, 2010

Tremors Too Fine to be Seen


  1. Hi,
    i'm a young french artist. it's been several months since i started to follow this blog, as i'm an abstraction fanatic - great job done here, and in the anthology too.
    i happen to paint abstract comics too ; i first thought that i was alone in this way of drawing comics (except for the Ibn al Rabin & Lewis Trondheim works) - with this blog, i discovered a sort of artistic family, and it feels good.
    To put it shortly, many of the works i sent to french editors were sent back to me, with a note saying something like 'please be serious, this isn't comics-strip, thank you'
    That's why i started to wonder if american editors were more open to this kind of creation, and if i had to send my projects in the usa rather than in france ...
    So if you know any editor to whom i could propose something, i would be forever grateful :)
    However, i hope that the abstract comics adventures are not over, the important thing is to keep it alive, so good luck with the blog and your anthology activities.
    François Belsoeur

  2. Hi Francois--do you have any links to your abstract comics you could post?

    Also--write to me directly, my email address is in my profile.

  3. hi François. did you consider sending your abstracts to literary reviews, such as Nioques, Doc(k)s, T.A.P.I.N. & so on?


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