Wednesday, June 23, 2010



  1. I don't know why I like it. It's all straight lines. It's black. It's white. It's angular. There is a kind of yin-yang divisive equality only with more "action" than the traditional undulatory symbol. It feels as if 'zigzag' is really 'ricochet'. I love how pleasing the flow is as if as natural as reading a page. Zen. My first impression of the style was 1950's designs. Like this was the story of an atom at work (or play). The "panels" seem to rise from nowhere at key points to change the story "line" on it's course. Except for the one in the lower left ... well played sir, well played.

  2. Oh, I got it! This is an abstract comic of The Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 as composed by Ludwig van Beethoven! Short-Short-Short-Long! Yes! I finally figured one of these things out! Abstract comics doesn't have to be this incomprehensible isolated undecipherable 'artistic' visual language set apart only for those "in the know"! Thank You! This is fun! There is a certain enigmatic quality to abstract comics that makes them attractive while simultaneously making me feel estranged, so when I actually 'get' one (rarely) the joy is very self-validating! Yeah! so! This is the Fifth! Each point at which the line changes course is a note and since the first three appear against a panel as a backdrop like it's interacting (bouncing) with it is a short note but that last transition ... that last transition ... has no panel behind it! What is making it change? My eye rests in that lower left corner like I'm trying to figure something out (don't we naturally look down and to the left when we're trying to figure something out? Or is that when we're lying? Anyway ... ) and that's the "long" note! lol! I love it! Short-Short-Short-Long! My eye looks from left to right from top to bottom (like I'm reading), and then down and to the left and then FREEZES because I can't figure out the impetus of that final change! This almost feels like (I would imagine) a quantum physics experiment that changes depending upon observation. (P.S. By the way if I'm crazy and all this is wrong will you please allow me my one shred of dignity by not replying)


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