Thursday, November 25, 2010

Madam Illness, a 1-hour abstract comic

So, for Thanksgiving, I made a little art.  Thanks to Mike Getsiv's inspiration, I thought I would take a whirl on a 1-hour, 24-page comic.  I did mine digitally.  Otherwise, I followed Mike's rules. The only prep I did was establishing the page size and resolution.  The only post production was making the cover and the back page.  Well, and I had to do some file conversion to save as a pdf. 

Some pages are better than others, but in the spirit of the exercise I share them all here.  And yes, they are in the order in which I made them.  Dang, but that hour flew by fast!

I can't think of a better way to spend pre-feast Thanksgiving, though.  Thanks, Mike, for the idea and the pointers.

Madam Illness                                                                   


  1. That's great! (Though I'm not sure that I get the title...) It reminds me of Kurt Kranz (see the intro to the AC book).

  2. fun to 'read' this.
    btw switch to 'book mode' (instead of scroll) to get the dynamic of facing pages

  3. I wish I understood html better -- I would modify the embed code. But yes, I think book mode is best...or slide.

    Andre, I could tell you how I get to that title, but I think you would groan. I was looking for something suitably, um, abstract with the right mixture of framing and aesthetic indeterminacy.

  4. Very cool. I particularly love the pages with the moon-like images. It's pretty fun to 'animate' it by scrolling quickly through all the images.


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