Monday, February 14, 2011

Abstract comic (with words) by Garth Simmons

In the tradition of El Lissitsky. Click through for the entire piece.

And here is a more text-heavy one:


  1. Great abstract comic, I like the way it is self aware and a little ironic. Works so well spatially as well.

  2. Thanks very much. In my own time I often take myself a bit too seriously but as soon as I start expressing myself or broadcasting those amassed inner tinglings I notice so many holes and weaknesses in the structure of my own thought patterns - and I end up commenting on them too, which can become quite messy and convoluted.

    I'm glad people like my irony and self awareness, I wouldn't want it to come across as me trying to second guess my audience.

    Now I've become self aware it's very hard to stop assessing every single action I perform as I perform it. Which is probably why I stumble over things quite often. Bad multi tasking.



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