Saturday, April 9, 2011

Henrik Rehr's "Reykjavik" reviewed by Matt Madden

Matt Madden and Jessica Abel's rundown of the "Notable Comics" list from "The Best American Comics 2010" continues, and yet another abstract comic--by yet another AC anthology and blog contributor--is discussed. (See here for Matt's review of one of my pieces, see here for Jessica's review of Derik Badman's piece from the anthology, and see here for Jessica's discussion of two pieces by Warren Craghead, including "Un Calligramme" from the anthology; they have also reviewed so far pieces by anthology contributors Jason Overby, John Hankiewicz, and Damien Jay, though not--or not fully--in their abstract mode). Click the pic:


  1. Where are copies available for sale?

  2. Quoting Henrik from his Facebook page:

    "Probably here:

    "Bestil" means "order""


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