Friday, May 6, 2011

Seneca on a Moebius strip

Over at CBR, friend-of-the-blog Matt Seneca writes about a particularly abstract page by Moebius:

Also check out this comic with nearly abstract art (+ words) by Matt himself: On Neptune

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  1. Much though I like your blog, and although this page in itself may come across as abstract, its function in this particular story is quite mundane. "L'etoile" was a comic portfolio that Moebius did in 1983 on the request of the Citroen motor company. This sequence of the piramid unfolding in two arrow like shapes is nothing more than a deus ex machina way of inserting the Citroen logo in the story.

    In the end, the book gave Moebius the inspiration for his Monde d'Edena graphic novels, which are, quite ironically, a lot more abstract on a narrative level...


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