Tuesday, August 9, 2011

La construction de la case


After an epic battle with blogger, It appears it was not possible to publish a new work, La construction de la case, on abstract comics. Too bad.

Here he is, but I'm quite disapointed having to relocate it.

Well, sorry for my approximative english nice day to everybody and have fun.


  1. hey, this need to be an animation - the horizontal scrolling is a drag! but I can see something's happening, so how about a different format?

  2. Yeah, I thought about it.
    This is an idea which ride along for a while and I seek formats to use it. But I don't know, with animation I'm scaring about falling into things seen already. Maybe later, when a sequence will appear and will seem obvious.
    I did this version to oblige myself to rewrite it later, and not let it never tested.


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