Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aquamorphoses, by Christophe Macquet


Not really comics, not really abstract, but tending in both directions. Christophe Macquet has a book named Aquamorphoses consisting of a sequence of photographs of a water fountain, more precisely of the water itself taking quite amazing forms that only a camera can make aparent, since the falling water moves too quickly for the naked human eye. The book can be ordered and previewed here:

Being print on demand, the price is unfortunately very high, but it is worth a look.

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  1. Had a look at this last night. The loading of each page was a pig so I didn't check very many of them, but what I saw was very impressive. I can see why you'd suggest it here -- there's a definite progression from image to image, and the form of the water caught by the camera in that way makes it so un-water-like that it's abstract.

    But yeah, you'd have to be very dedicated to shlep out $80 for it -- pity that self-publishing can be so cumbersome.


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