Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kirby slash

A stroll through art history with the King.

Kirby/tomb slab of K'inich Janaab' Pakal:

Kirby/Giovanni Battista Gaulli:

Kirby/Giovanni Battista Piranesi:

Kirby/John Martin:

Kirby/Pablo Picasso:

Kirby/Lyubov Popova:

Kirby/Aleksandr Rodchenko:

Kirby/Hannah Hoch:

Kirby/Jackson Pollock:

Kirby/Franz Kline 1:

Kirby/Franz Kline 2:

Kirby/Roy Lichtenstein 1:

Kirby/Roy Lichtenstein 2:

Kirby/Roy Lichtenstein 3:



  1. Woah, where is that Rodchenko/Hoch comparision one from?

  2. It's the original art for a collage in Spirit World #1, which was published in b&w:

  3. There's a picture of it framed in the comments thread here:

    I meant to put in all the credits, but then I knew that if I tried to do that, I'd never get around to posting this. I've been sitting on it in draft form for a good while as it is.

  4. When I see the image you've nicely linked with Popova, I am usually reminded of some of Duchamp's "disques avec spirals," which he worked into his only film ANEMIC CINEMA as well. And I was going to ask about the same image as Derik -- I've never seen that color version of that page.

  5. Thanks, Andrei, for telling it like it is. When is NASA finally paying Kirby's due royalties?

  6. this is so terrific - visual language across centuries and decades -thanks, Andrei.

  7. I give the edge to Kirby's caption on the "TAKTA-TAKTA" piece.
    A few more to search.

  8. It doesn't really matter for your purposes here, but all of Lichtenstein's stuff (except for your third example) is a direct lift from hard working comic book contemporaries of Kirby's.

  9. Replying to Thomass, many moons later: yes, but there my point was that Kirby was almost certainly intentionally swiping back, so to speak, re-appropriating Lichtenstein for the comics. I gave a long talk on this at San Diego last summer, to be published soon.

  10. Can we get a Kirby/Leger, a Kirby/De Chirico, an early Kirby/Schiele?

  11. Most excellent - brightened up my Monday morning, thanks...(-:

  12. Robert and Dave--you've both commented in the last twenty-four hours. Is that because this post was linked to somewhere?


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