Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reconstitutions by Lucas Taïeb

With the last numeros of his fanzine Reconstitutions, the french comics author Lucas Taïeb goes to abstract comics.

In Reconstitutions, L. Taïeb iterates the same event, panel by panel ; but atoms, which form this one, seem unstable from a panel to a other : the event recompose itself. Like if atoms was subjected in invisible strengths, a sort of  clinamen.

You can see more Reconstitutions or can buy numeros on the Lucas Taïeb' s blog :

ps : the last "planche" posted here looks like krazy kat by Henry Moore…
Lucas Taïeb, Reconstitutions n°3, planche 2
Lucas Taïeb, Reconstitutions n° 3, planche 5
Lucas Taïeb, Reconstitutions n°4, planche 2

Lucas Taïeb, Reconstitutions n°4, planche 5
edit : oups, it's reconstitutions and not reconstruction… (Merci à Lucas Taïeb de me l'avoir signalé).

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