Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eduardo Paolozzi

 "Insects' Wings," 1951

 "Will the Future Rulers of the Earth Come from the Ranks of Insects?" from Z.E.E.P. (Zero Energy Experimental Pile), 1969-70

 "Bash," 1971

 untitled, 1973

"Maahantai," 1975

"Appel-Calder," 1975

"Study for Turing 3," 2000

"Turing 6," 2000

"Turing 8," 2000


  1. "Insects Wings" was made as a textile design for Horrockses Fashion, and is one of my favourite Paolozzi.
    A link to an image of the dress:

    More AC predecessors,
    Some David Wojnarowicz's works can be read as non narrative comics.

    The works of Adolph Gottlieb are abstract sequential art (though referring writing more then comics)

  2. Thanks for the information on "Insect Wings"! I must admit, I like it better as a stand-alone piece, though... When used as a textile design, the overall composition is lost.

    I guess you're right about Gottlieb. I mean, usually what comes to mind, to me at least, are the paintings with the floaty colored discs, but some of the earlier pieces do have kind of a breakdown into panels. Is that what you're referring to? I'll have to do a post of some of those some time.

  3. Works like

  4. Michael--sorry I missed your comment the first time around, it got sent to my spam folder. Please do. Hopefully you'll be able to find a bigger pic of it than I was able to.


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