Friday, January 4, 2013

The Intercorstal: Collider

A few years ago I was invited to participate in a cross-Atlantic project, where comic-based artists from Europe created display-scale images based on comics from America, and vice versa. (a much fuller, better description can be found at Altered Aesthetics blog on the show). And here's a link to my own account of how my participation got a bit balls-up.

The Intercorstal: Collider is the mini-comic I produced for the project, combining 'traditional' inked Intercorstal pages with pages created by scanning pages from an IKEA catalogue, overlaying them with panel borders and adding captions, picked at random from Wikipedia.

Whether the IKEA-based pictures are successful by themselves isn't what I'm particularly worried about. You can't claim to be creating experimental comics without experimenting, after all. What I do particularly like, though, is the way in which when read cover to cover the combination of the dense black and white pages and the more peaceful photographic pages have an almost auditory effect. My best stab at describing it is that it's like the sensation you get when driving into a tunnel on the road, and then out again, and then into another one. Thankfully it's not one that I'm alone in describing, as a few early readers also reported experiencing the same effect - otherwise I'd probably suspect I'd gone slightly off my head.

I've posted a small selection of the pages -- below there's a link to download the PDF from sendspace. (I suggest printing the PDF out if you do happen to want to test my claims of the auditory effect) If the PDF doesn't work for any reason drop me a line ( and I'll send you a copy.

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