Thursday, March 7, 2013

In 2009, just after I had made my abstract graphic novel, Reykjavik, I tried to do a follow-up. Attacked the project from three or four different angles, but could just not hack it. Either I felt I was simply repeating what I had just done in Reykjavik or I couldn't get the pages to come together and form a narrative, a comic. Ended up scrapping the book. I sometimes look at the exhumed left-overs and hope that I can somehow get an idea or five, that can revitalize the project, but so far no luck. Well...


  1. I love the two lighter, wider ones in the middle. I don't know how you could build on them, but they would make beautiful gallery pieces.

  2. Thanks, Andrei. Perhaps I'll figure out how to crack this nut some day :)


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