Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brandl: Installation detail

Another detail of my installation, the walk-in comic-painting-installation exhibition. The second section of the homages wall. Store window to the left with homages to Gene Colan and my Dad. Here billboards, comics, painting, pets. Thinking. The back wall, center to right. It has the cat Toby watching me think. I am in my own thought balloon (life-sized image). To the right is a billboard, like the very large ones along the highwas earlier in the US. On it is a comic of two pages. Above that are two other billboards, the full one bearing my hand with the brush "bravura-Zorro style" again. On the comic and billboard is a sequence (thus clearly a comic) of top left autumn (with a sign and leaves from Chicago US and Appenzellerland in Switzerland). Then lower left Gina the dog walks in, just her head at first. Then she walks through the scene, second orange image she is leaving. Right page: top, She is almost gone just her tail as an angel-wing-like echo of the Gabriel had in the big painting elsewhere. Last panel, bottom right, she is gone. Perhaps a loop. Definitely a memento mori (Latin 'remember that you too will die'), for Dad, Gene Colan, Toby, Grisu, Gina, Buddie and all of us. I am in my typical clothing, but in the pose of Velázquez in Las Meninas.

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