Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a kick in the eye

a kick in the eye is a collaborative graphic novel written/drawn by 12 people: Rosaire Appel, Tony Burhouse, Tim Gaze, Marco Giovenale, Gareth A Hopkins, Satu Kaikkonen, Gary J Shipley, Christopher Skinner, Lin Tarczynski, Orchid Tierney, Sergio Uzal & Nico Vassilakis. Not many frames, but lots of asemic & abstract content.

Partly inspired by a literary novel written by 7 authors.

Selling at the minimum price at CreateSpace, & even cheaper at Amazon.


  1. Congratulations to the whole Kick team! A Kick in the Eye is fab.It is inspirational. I got my copy through Amazon a couple of weeks ago and have taken my time to read and re-read it. You guys have done a great thing together.I love it.

  2. Oh nice, was looking for something like this and it seems to fit the bill. Thanks! btw, are there other abstract comics worth looking at?


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