Friday, March 28, 2014

New Intercorstal pages

Work on my comic The Intercorstal has been slow of late (including four entries to Secret 7s, one of which got in, although I can't confirm which one did or did not get in -- although James Mahan should recognise it, hopefully). But in the last week or so I've been able to find time to finish off these -- two of which take an intentionally light touch. Also, the work I was doing on abstracting other artists' page layouts hasn't finished -- there are two more on the go at the moment -- but these three here are all my own work, as it were.

Page 17:

Page 18:

Page 19:


  1. This is just getting better and better. How long do you envision it to be in total? Are you planning to publish it as a book?

  2. Cheers Andrei! Current plans for 'Intercorstal 2' are to get around 30-odd pages and do a slim, floppy-style comic, maybe with a fancy glossy cover. Ideally, I'd like to do 'Elipses', which is the collection of everything that came before, as some kind of larger volume, but that would be incredibly expensive and the market would be restricted, at present, to maybe 2 or 3 people, so I'll hold off on that, I think.


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