Monday, June 6, 2016

This has just been posted in the Laydeez do Comics emailed newsletter. Enjoy their blog @

Abstract Comics 
This is a call out to creators of abstract comics who want to share their work with other like-minded people. Abstract comics are wordless abstract books, mini-comics zines and wall-hung artworks that use comics conventions to present abstract subject matter across a series of panels and pages with the intention of creating a narrative rhythm, rather than an identifiable story. They came to my attention when I found the seminal book Abstract Comics: the Anthology by Andrei Molotiu (2009).I was captivated that I had found a host of new luminaries that I could appreciate and admire. If you are another abstract comics artist please make yourself known through the Abstract Comics Blog  Happily the number of women abstract comics artists is steadily increasing, so come join this global phenomenon.
Kym Tabulo is the author of The Drift of Impure Thoughts - an abstract Graphic Novel (2014) and What Would Paul Klee Say – an abstract comics book (2016) at

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