Saturday, July 9, 2016

Found Forest Floor

For Small Press Day 2016, I've collected some of the pages from the book I'm working on for Abstract Editions and called it 'Found Forest Floor'. I've printed off a few versions in various grades of quality and individuality to give out at the various London stores I'll be scooting between on the day, but there's a freely available PDF version for download here: LINK

Here's some of the pages included. Maybe of note is that where for the past few years I've been recreating pre-existing pages for the most part the pages in Found Forest Floor are all my own work, in that I've dictated the page layout and flows etc. Although having said that I've just noticed that the first two pages I've selected as previews here are reworkings, from 'Doc Dino' and 'The Complete Don Quixote' respectively, which is almost embarrassing.

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