Sunday, August 21, 2022

Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors

 Hi everyone

I genuinely thought I'd posted here more recently than 2019 but looking back, apparently I haven't. It's been a very busy three years, as I've been working on Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors, and releasing the individual stories from it in a variety of ways, including digital-only to comixology (lost when Amazon gutted that platform) and print-at-home.

A Kickstarter to print the full 244 page collection is going live next week, on the 23rd August (here: I'd sent it to a couple of publishers but got knocked back because it was a bit too different to be easy to market, so I've picked it up to self-publish.

The content of the book is a series of 10 short stories, all abstract comics, presented with text (some of which is relatively straightforward, some of which is very fractured). The visual style of each story is very different, with common elements in approach and in the text. 

You can read one of the stories, A Hill To Cry Home, here:

And here are some example pages from the book:

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