Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rube Goldberg vs. Ockham's Razor

In response to the Michael Farrell post below, here's a PDF of a minicomic I made a few months ago. Of particular interest is the last story, "Rube Golberg vs. Occam's Razor," where I rely on rhythm (the definition most post-McCloud formalists seem to agree upon is that comics are essentially rhythm engines) and words alone (and, I guess, the phenomenological data encoded in just drawing the letters and panel borders and such) to build the narrative. This is, maybe, the opposite of "abstract comics," but its aims are similar: exploring minimalism and formalism, structuring temporal space, trying to figure out where the line is between form and content, picture and word in this weird, composite medium. Hope you like it! Thanks to Mr. David Lasky's "The Raven" for inspiration!

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