Monday, July 6, 2009

Updates: Action Yes, Growing Diaspora, etc.

I've been down with the flu for a while, so I've been rather remiss in posting here. But I'm better now, thanks!

First of all, I wanted to remind everybody of something that Tim already posted: the new issue of Action Yes has an extensive Abstract Comics session, including an article by Tim and a preview of the anthology. (They reprinted my definition of abstract comics from the introduction to the anthology as a prelude to the preview because Tim's definition, as outlined in his article, is somewhat wider than the one I used to put the anthology together).

They also feature two pieces by me, specifically formatted for the net. First, a click-through version of "Alcoholalia," my 2004 remix of a Maakies strip:

(Cover to the original 2004 mini shown)

and second, a panel-by-panel version of one of the pages from "24 x 24":

As to Growing Diaspora (TM) news, Tyler Stafford has posted some more abstract comics at his blog recently:

Robukka, one of our readers, has posted a comment recently reminding us that he has a great number of abstract strips based on music on his stripgenerator page:

and again, Nina Roos's new pieces are definitely worth seeing, but I'm not going to abuse her generosity by posting another one of her images here.

Other than that (and let me hear you say, "way to bury the lead, Molotiu!"), according to Fanta the street date for the anthology will be the 2nd or 3rd week of August.


  1. Andrei- have you been getting my emails?

  2. Hi Grant--I certainly got your most recent one, sorry I've been really busy + sick, have been remiss in answering all my emails recently. I'll try to write tonight.

  3. Thank You for the mention. I have News:
    "Zuber" has spun off some place between surreal and abstract with more of a word, more of a World.

  4. Where should I post this?
    There is a call for nominations towards "The Webcomic List Awards 2009"
    I'd just really appreciate it if some went and voted mine:


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