Friday, July 10, 2009

Ditko's Abstract Comics

I saw this great post over at Blog Flume about the beautiful abstractions in Steve Ditko's comics. These panels are just begging to be remixed into a full abstract comic! (HT: Paul Hornschemeier)


  1. They're also talking about you guys at Comics Comics in the comments section here:

  2. Grant: yeah, as you'll notice, I commented on Ken's post... I don't know why I didn't think to put up a link here. Thanks for doing so! And now that you mentioned "remix," I think you're duty bound to do it! BTW, did you see the recent cover versions I've done of Mike G.'s strip? I think, in a way, they work exactly like your remix of LW&C but in reverse...

    Gary: Wow, that's... kind of cool.

    I see our own Warren Craghead has contributed to the discussion there (and what he says about abstract comics is dead on, of course). Now if I only could convince him to post on here too...

  3. Sorry Andrei... you know I'm a communication flake.

    I'm not as big a fan of ditko's shapes as "abstract comics" as the BF guy seems to be. They're just wacky things inside a regular comic. Like Fleener's use of cubism - on the surface only.

  4. hey, i dig Fleener, she's got some cool shit!

    Ditko went kinda apeshit after he was
    readin' Ayn Rand didn't he?

    Question Man & all that, or something?

    i always dug Ditko's awkward feet,
    the strange angles of humans,
    lizardman labcoat.

  5. Don't get me wrong - I like Fleener too, but the "cubism" she uses is superficial and really has nothing to do with the content or mechanics of her stories. She does a good job of exploiting that fractured style for expression, but it's still just little windows with people moving around. Again, that's ok, it's just not a real use of what cubism can do in comics.


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