Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop me before I tinker with it any further!

Underwhirl, final version (for now):

edited to add details, just because I like them:


  1. Awesome! Its been great watching this evolve ...

  2. Thanks! I can see myself redrawing every panel like I did the first one to bring it closer to the composition in Mike's original version, and to make it more sequential, but I've already wasted WAY too many hours hatching and re-hatching this.

    BTW, Mark--I looked up your blog, tried to leave a comment there but it wouldn't let me sign on. Anyway, it was funny to see a jpeg of a page from Niklaus Ruegg's SPUK, which, through a very roundabout way, came from my own photo of my copy of the book.

  3. This one is great too and I'd love to see one that looks closer to the composition in my original version but yes, you probably should stop tinkering with it and move on to the next one or you'll never finish four versions (and a fifth with text plus two close up shots) of each and every abstract comic that has been posted on this blog.

  4. The light green additions are really great.

  5. yeah, fersure, cool to see all the different

    Andrei, you can never waste too much time
    w/ these things, you have an amazing uncanny
    ability for the translative aspect of resetting
    the zeroes on anything, i think this multi-interpretive ability is a hallmark of yr particular genius, for real, if you were
    on a desert island w/ just one comic, it
    would eventually morph via sand sticks & stones
    into something as multifaceted as any
    gleaming diamond, you got the goods in that
    dept. & that's sayin' alot on toppa yr
    personal work, i celebrate that you are a
    = )


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