Thursday, July 2, 2009

steel pole bath tub

i've always loved this strip,
it's from a comicbook
which came as an insert with
steel pole bath tub's
1990 album, "Lurch"
this comic drawn by


  1. Wow, that's fuckin' fantastic!!! Do you have any idea who drew it?

    Even before I read your comment I was going to say it reminds me of Gary's Zomoid!

  2. :
    i'm pretty sure it's by Dale Flattum

    he did a zine thing in the late 80's
    early 90's called Flesh Horse (look at the 5th post from bottom) - that was done in
    that specific style, i wish i had
    some copies of that zine!

    here is some stuff of his at gigposters

    my funny but sad steelpolebathtub story:
    i saw them play live in the early 90's,
    it was an unusual venue outside the usual
    "grunge circuit" at this club in Buckhead
    (yuppietown), anyway, before i went to the
    show i went by the Book Nook & spent what
    little money i had on a nice spiralbound
    fullcolor David Sandlin artcomic...
    the show was great, they jammed down the
    house, but i wanted a t-shirt & didn't have
    enough money, so after their set they were
    setting to the side & i approached them
    & asked if they would trade a t-shirt for
    a David Sandlin book & they did the trade,
    sadly, as is often the case, a girlfriend
    later absconded with the t-shirt !!!

    i've lost so many of my cool t-shirts to

    & damn, those David Sandlin things are
    fairly rare, so i ended up losing both ways!!

  3. i edit'd the post to ammend
    Dale Flattum's authorship,
    i contacted him for permish
    if this post was okay
    & he said yes.

    funnily, he also told me
    that the David Sandlin book
    i had traded was swiped by
    one his xgirlfriends, ha!

    it comes full circle.


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