Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please welcome new blog contributor Nina Roos!

I have mentioned and praised Nina's work in several previous posts. Nina has been introducing sequentiality into her abstract work for a while now (the earliest example I can find on her site is from October 2008) and, if I dare say so, discovering our blog seems to have brought new impetus to this trend in her work, which has yielded beautiful results in the last few months. Now Nina, who lives in Holland, tells me she is working toward gathering her sequential pieces into a comic-book, which I, for one, can hardly wait to see. If I had know of her work earlier, she would definitely have been included in the anthology. Nina's work will be featured, along with that of anthology contributors, in the exhibition "Silent Pictures" at the James Gallery, CUNY.


  1. Thank you Andrei for inviting and introducing me here.

  2. Nina your work is fantastic!

  3. nina!

    sorry i am so late to comment,
    your work is truly a jawdrop
    & i'm very happy you have been
    drawn into this ever growing
    realm of abstract comics because i
    think you will be able to explore
    some awesome eye pages & bring that
    certain beauty only a soft sketch
    can bring...i'm not saying sketch,
    per se, the drawings are totally fleshed
    out & deeply organic...the lookreader
    can sense this love of drawing, an
    energy comes through & off the page
    into brain maze of wide eyes...

    ...& pencils!!!

    i am so happy for pencils!!!

    which medium are you drawing these in?

    lead/graphite pencils?

    or something else?

    post up an announcement when your mini-comic
    is finished & we can trade stuff
    through the mail,
    = )

    also, post here often!

    thank you.


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