Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This was one of the earliest abstract comics I made that had some kind of narrative flow to it. It got some laughs too which I was really happy about when I was concerned that abstract comics could all end up being too formal. 

I made it in 2004, right after Andrei first mentioned the idea of editing an abstract comics anthology. I have a good feeling something like that just might happen someday...


  1. I love Poob!

    (Wait--that doesn't mean something dirty, does it?)

  2. Well, it depends...

    All 17 definitions of "poob" listed in The Urban Dictionary:

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    A pube coverd in poo.
    "ewwwwww there's a poob in my yogurt!"
    "you flippin poob head!"
    "grrrrrrr there's a poob on the toilet seat!"
    "hey! where's my pet poob gone?"

    2. poob
    The words poop and boob mixed together paint a picture in your mind of a fat person with boobs covered with poop
    "Dear holy jesus god almighty those boobies are poobies. Hence the word poob."

    3. poob
    used to describe a person or thing who is being annoying; the act of being a poob.
    Bobby was being such a poob when he wouldn't say anything at school

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    A short and curly from the perianal area.
    AKA a butt hair.
    That chick shaves her box, but has hella poobs.

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    Oh gross look at bencics poobs

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    Person #2: "What a Poob!!!!!"

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    d00d: Woah man calm down don't terd yourself poob.

    10. poob
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    1. Person 1: Poob.
    Person 2: Well hello Person 1.

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    I cant believe that James is such a POOB! He killed his own teammate!

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  3. Umm, and which of these meanings did you have in mind when titling your piece?

    As for me, let's just specify that I love the drawing titled "Poob." There.

  4. Thanks.

    I honestly don't remember why I called it that. I'm a total poob.

  5. yikes!

    i never knew " poob ".

    now i'm gonna hafta use the word
    somehow, it's gotta ring, suggesting
    many things, like all those definitions you post'd up allude to...

    ...anyhowtho, poob the abstract comic
    works exremely well, itsa happy thang, it makes
    me smile, it seems joyous, like the simple
    pleasure of eating, one never knows how great
    it is to eat food until one hasn't eaten in
    a while, then, the slow smell, the swish around
    mouth, the tastes involved w/ something as
    simple as eating, can conjure some profound
    sensations & pull rabbits on hats memory,
    if i eat pork rinds witha dr. pepper i',
    immediately back in the 3rd grade going
    to summerschool, my mom always stopped at
    the sodafountain & we got pork rinds &
    dr. pepper...i had to go to summerschool
    because i had a speech impediment, maybe
    that's why i always dug Popeye the Sailorman
    so much, i still have a slight speech
    impediment, but it's something i celebrate
    & couldn't care less about 'fixing'...

    ...thanx for posting the happyland summertimes
    comic, it's somehow like a damselfly, iridescent
    & bigeyed & dazzling zags...

    ...also, lemme know what you think of
    this zine name, i've been wanting to start up
    a zine, maybe an abstarct comics zine?!?!?!?!
    but, here's the name:

    honestly, yay or nay?

    also, while i'm on the subject, i'm trying
    to write a book of silly poetry, of my "googpooms". it's slowly coming along, but here's the title i thunk'd up:

    yay or nay?

    thank you for making abstract comics!

    maybe at some point, we could all get lined
    up & do up a handmade little book of our
    abstract comics as a gift for Andrei,
    he needs a medal or something, for real.

    oh shit, i'm in mania mode again,
    i'll drop off the rollercoaster &
    vegetate dampsoil then whammo blammo
    back out of the gates, i guess i need
    medication or something...but, y'know,
    medications come in many different forms,
    i'm glad nobody gave Rory Hayes paxil or



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