Sunday, October 4, 2009

dial MM for même merde


  1. Wow! That's incredible!

    Great to see you back here Troy.

  2. many thanx Mike!
    = )

    i have been offline for a while,
    going thru a transition,
    i have moved back to the big city
    & i now have a regular hours job,
    so i'm trying to get inna routine
    & i'll try to be more active
    on this blog, i'm stoked how well
    the blog has been received & also
    how Abstract Comics has solidly
    established itself...

    ...i'm still in the process of
    moving, in piecemeal fashion,
    but i'll soon be settled & back in
    the swing of things.

  3. thanx to yoo too Nikki,
    i didn't see yr comment earlier...

    ...that flipbook blog you got is
    outta site,
    mad bananas!

  4. eat that, tradcomics dinosaurs!

    is the title a reference to a Pussy Galore album?

  5. "Dial M for Motherfucker"
    ¡a classic album!

    the title was a happy accident, i was thinking
    something Orson Welles b/c of the Rosebud
    moviehouse ticket, F for Fake led to M for
    Murder which led to M for Merde, but then when
    i goggledup M for Merde it turned out to be
    a popular fiction bookthing, so looking for
    alternatives i was lucky to come across the
    phrase "même merde" & i like the way the
    dubbel MM fits in

    = )


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