Thursday, October 22, 2009

a process/poem | uma poema/processo

here's a visual poem, which I think was quoted at on 12 Março 2007.

haven't worked out who it is by, or when it was made. will probably have to write a letter to the gentleman who posted it.

postscript: Gutemberg Cruz sent me an informative email. apparently, this one's by Almandrade, & probably from the 1970s. obrigado, Gute.


  1. so simple, so beautiful. thanks for posting it.

  2. yes fersure

    great post

    i need to dig deeper
    into the process-poetry,
    they often used comicpanel
    formats & can be classified
    as abstract comics as well
    as anything else i'd imagine,
    like this example found on the great blog POEMA/PROCESSO 67

    a key relation to abcmx
    can be gleaned from the
    following short excerpt,
    by Philadelpho Menezes from
    the book Poetics and Visuality:

    "Process-poem is characterized, therefore,
    by the apprehension and creation of forms
    that move as in photogram sequences.
    To achieve their effects, these forms
    are represented by a sequential "process"
    in a dynamic of signifiers deprived of
    signifieds, or signs without object:
    pure structures in uniform, rectilinear also, the repudiation of
    figurative forms - which by nature lead to
    signifieds thru the very fact of having inherent
    within them the representation of a denoted
    object - seems to have originated from the
    problematic of the visual arts imported
    without critical intermediation into
    visual poetry"




  3. I like this one too. Very interesting !


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