Monday, October 19, 2009


New review of the anthology by Sean T. Collins:

...What I liked, I liked for more than just the strips themselves--I liked them for the proof they offer that comics really is still a Wild West medium in which one's bliss can be followed even beyond the boundaries of what many or even most readers would care to define as "comics." That an entire deluxe hardcover collection of such comics now exists is, I think, one of the great triumphs for the medium in a decade full to bursting with them.

New Review in Spanish and Google translation thereof.

A couple of new abstract comics have shown up online recently. Here is blog/anthology reader phanaeromikon's self-portrait as (in?) an abstract comic (scroll down for the post itself), and here is a new piece (with the promise of more to come) by someone whose name/handle I have a hard time ascertaining (it would seem to be "fast bee," but the posts are posted by "Installation").

At "The Art of Memory," here is a post featuring stills from Brakhage's abstract films, followed by pieces by Pollock, Motherwell, Still, etc. And another (this one with comparanda from Gerhard Richter). And one more, with stills from the films of Jose Antonio Sistiaga.

And last but (I hope...) not least, may I point out that the brand new The Best American Comics 2009 edited by Charles Burns and series-edited by Matt Madden and Jessica Abel, mentions my piece, "Expedition to the Interior," from Blurred Vision 4 (and now available in Nautilus), as one of the notable comics of 2007-2008?


  1. hey, it's a great book! I am a blog acquaintance of troy lloyd, and maybe a few of the other artists in the book. I have been published before by tim gaze in asemic a long time ago. i published Tim years ago in an abstract hand-writing poetics project called _Chicken Scratch_ which got lost but which totally crossed alot of false genre and category lines. Anyhoo.
    My real name is Lanny Quarles, and the other name

    is phaneronoemikon
    which means basically

    "Image of the contents of my thought."

    It comes from




    sorry for long response.
    Have a nice day.
    An abstractly comical day!

  2. Hey Andrei 'The art of memory' blog links are really amazing, cheers for posting them.

    The images are really beautiful, what I think is most interesting to me is the sequencing of the images on the site and the way of reading and scrolling down the web page feels a bit like reading a comic.


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