Saturday, October 31, 2009

Recently posted abstract comic???

Hello everybody--I will remove this post as soon as I get an answer to my question. A couple of days ago I left a comment on a blog where an artist had posted his first attempt at an abstract comic and said he was planning to do more of them. If you are that artist, please get in touch with me! I had found your blog through my periodical Google search for "abstract comics" but forgot to bookmark it, and now can't find it again.

Edit: ok, I won't remove this post, rather I'll put up the image I was looking for:

By EscapeHatch, from here.


  1. Hey Andrei! I think you're talking about me (very exciting!) The blog is and you work inspired me to my first post in 6 months! So, thank you.


  2. Bingo, you're the one. Tell you what, so I don't forget to bookmark it again--may I just edit this post and include in it your abstract comic, so people know what I was looking for? (Then I'll leave it up, obviously, instead of taking it down like I said I would. And this way you get to be next to Rick Veitch!)

  3. Hey, I just noticed from the mention of the Memorial Art Gallery on your blog that you're in Rochester! I lived there for a couple of years in the late '90s, taught at U of R, mostly while I was still in grad school at NYU (I'd go back to the city every few weeks--long commute!).

  4. Hey Andrei, thanks for posting my modest experiment! Shortly after this I went searching on for more abstract comics and decided to start a group there as well. Everyone is welcome to stop in and post their work or start discussions. Here's the link:


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