Thursday, October 22, 2009

Abstract Comics from New Zealand part 1

A while ago I put a call out to the New Zealand comics community to see if anyone had made any Abstract Comics recently. I only got a couple of responses, here is one of them:
By Isaac Freeman

first published in Funtime Comics #23: The Walls of Halls

Statement by Isaac:
Very occasionally I try to do a comic with a specific formal agenda. In this case the objective was to produce something that was completely abstract but also definitely sequential, and to do it entirely by hand. The production involved tracing repeatedly from a master pencilled panel, which I reworked between each frame. While I met the technical requirements I set for myself, I don't think it's particularly interesting as a comic, because the transitions between panels are very rigid and simple. It could just as well be a series of stills from an animation.

Issac is the current editor of the long running New Zealand anthology Funtime Comics.

Personally I like it.


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