Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Street Scene Abstract 18 series 2

Abstract 18 series 2 This is my first attempt at revisiting the process making these comics. I like the ambiguous role of the paint. Sometimes it functions as a gutter sometimes as a panel. Abstract 19 is another piece done with the same found image.


  1. This is really evocative. I think I would like it even better "redrawn."

  2. I agree with MSB. I really like how the negative space of the gutter becomes super-muscular. It makes the photo flatten.

  3. Hey thanks guys. A few questions:
    Mark, What do you mean by "redraw"?
    w, what is "super-muscular"?
    Please excuse my ignorance

  4. I meant that it comes OUT instead of sitting BACK. Like a punch in the eye!!!!!

  5. I meant actually draw the images and the black areas, or paint them would be probably even better, from your altered "collage"/found image piece. I don't know why, but I think it would be really powerful. It looks great now --- but that would be even better. Perhaps I'm also thinking of how many artists have used collages or montages as inspiration, such as how Picasso learned so much from his collages and by painting "from" then created synthetic Cubism.

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